Portrait, interiors and product photography Haslemere

Portrait, interiors and product photography in Petworth, Midhurst, Chichester, Guildford, Surrey and West Sussex. Fixed prices and personal service.


I did a degree course in design, photography and illustration in Bristol many years ago in the ’70s and ’80s when The Police and Two Tone were trendy. Since then I have worked for design consultancies and advertising agencies as a designer. We set up our own agency, Tangent in 2000.

Over the years I got to work with great photographers like Terry Donovan and Peter Zownir. I also admire Rankin, Nick Knight and Benoit Paillé.. I could go on. What matters is I am here because I love what I do.

I specialise in actors’ portraits and photography of interiors for designers, but am flexible and also enjoy pack shots and macro photography of nature.


Personal and actors’ portraits

Some guidelines on make-up and what to bring to the shoot

Please could you bring lots of tops and choices of colours, with a choice of neckline, collared shirts and T shirts. Avoid logos, patterns and stripes. Keep it simple and please remove jewellery.

Little or no make up ideally for actors.

I am happy to shoot your hair up and down. I will also shoot full length if required, but it is mainly the head and shoulders photographs that are important.